March 8 PLANT VISIT, March 8, Thu.
Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Ibaraki Brewery

12:30 Depart Gate of Akamon, the University of Tokyo by a chartered bus
17:30 Get back to the University of Tokyo
ADDRESS :1-1-1 Midori, Moriya, Ibaraki 302-0106
Ibaraki Brewery is located in the northern district from Tokyo area and suffered seriously from the damages caused by the 3.11 Earthquake.
Get a glimpse of the on-site strength that enabled remarkable recovery of their renowned supply chain management system within few months.
March 9 Kojima Hall, U of Tokyo. 1st Floor
8:30 - Registration
Block 1:
Track 1 Logistics I - Chair: Dr. Yoshiaki Ishihara. 1F-1
  • A Heuristics on Transportation Plan by Pure Car Carriers from Plural Ports (Presenter: Dr. Yoshiaki Ishihara)(Yoshiaki Ishihara, Shusaku Hiraki, Zhuqi Xu, Yuanming Su, Min Zhang)
  • Effect of the sequence of passenger dispatching rules for a one-way trip car sharing system (Presenter: Dr. Daisuke Yamamoto)(Daisuke Yamamoto, Nobunori Aiura, Atsushi Inoie, Yutaka Karasawa, Kuninori Suzuki )
  • Ship Scheduling by Pure Car Carriers with Time Windows and Split Loads in Changeable Speeds (Presenter: Dr. Shusaku Hiraki) (Min Zhang, Yoshiaki Ishihara, Shusaku Hiraki)
  • Design of Effective Electronic Power Supply Chain for Smart Grid Management (Presenter: Dr. Koichi Murata)(Koichi Murata, Hiroshi Katayama)
Track 2 Supply Chain Integration I - Chair: Dr. Tarafdar Monideepa. 1F-2
  • Virtual or Vertical? Achieving Integrated Global Supply Chains: Comparison and Analysis of Virtual Integration and Vertical Integration in Japanese and Korean Steel Industry (Presenter: Mr. SungWoo Byun) (Sungwoo Byun, Changmin Lee)
  • Information Processing View of Supply Chain Management Practices: Impact on Supply Chain Performance (Presenter: Dr. Tarafdar Monideepa) (Sufian Qrunfleh, Monideepa Tarafdar, T.S. Ragu-Nathan)
  • Supply Chain Integration and Its Impact on Performance (Presenter: Dr. Chang Won Lee)(Chang Won Lee, Ik-Whan G. Kwon)
  • Replication of Global Localization Strategy: A Case Study of Korean Firms (Presenter: Dr. YoungWon Park) (YoungWon Park, Junjiro Shintaku)
Track 3 Research & Development I - Chair: Dr. SeungChul Kim. 2F
  • Achieving Business Excellence Through Project Management Maturity: Case Of Korean Firms (Presenter: Dr. SeungChul Kim) (Seung-Chul Kim, Je-Man Boo, Paul Hong)
  • Managing product complexity in turbulent times: an options based planning model (Presenter: Dr. David Dobrzykowski) (Fred Ahrens, David D. Dobrzykowski)
  • The complementarity of global R&D and human resource management as transnational: A case of a production process machine company (Presenter: Mr. Hidetada Higashi) (Hidetada Higashi, Naoki Senda)
  • Supply Chain Competence and Integrative Product Design: An Empirical Study for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) (Presenter: Dr. Jon Marvel) (Paul Hong, Jon H. Marvel, James J. Roh)
10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break - 2F(Kojima Hall)
Block 2:
Track 4 Technology and Innovation Management I - Chair: Dr. ChangWon Lee. 1F-1
  • Customized component transaction with insufficient trust: From the case study of LCD-panel industry (Presenter: Dr. Koichi Nakagawa) (Koichi Nakagawa, Won-Wook Song)
  • Technology Management Implementation of Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study of Manufacturing Firms (Presenter: Dr. Paul Hong) (Paul Hong, James Roh, Greg Rawski)
  • Achieving Knowledge Management Excellence for Competitive Advantage: Research Model for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (Presenter: Dr. Sukbong Choi) (Paul Hong, Young Won Park, Suk Bong Choi)
  • Modular Innovation For Competitiveness Advantage: Case For SMEs (Presenter: Dr. ChangWon Lee) (Ryan Skiver, Paul Hong, Chang Won Lee)
Track 5 Healthcare and SCM - Chair: Dr. David Dobrzykowski. 1F-2
  • Supply Chain research in healthcare: a literature review and research directions (Presenter: Dr. David Dobrzykowski) (David Dobrzykowski, Paul Hong, Seungchul Kim, Vafa Saboorideilami)
  • Healthcare Supply Chain For Competitive Advantage: The Case For Korea (Presenter: Dr. SeungChul Kim) (Paul Hong, Seung-Chul Kim, David Dobrzykowski)
  • Electronic Health Records, high quality information exchange, and physici an performance in the healthcare delivery supply chain (Presenter: Dr. David Dobrzykowski) (David Dobrzykowski, Monideepa Tarafdar, T.S. Ragu-Nathan)
  • Who wants automated external defibrillators in Japan? (Presenter: Mr. Seunghwan Leem) (Seunghwan Leem, James J. Roh)
Track 6 Production and Operation Management I - Chair: Dr. Katsuki Aoki. 2F
  • Monozukuri capability to address product variety: A comparison between Japanese and German automotive makers (Presenter: Dr. Katsuki Aoki)(Katsuki Aoki, Thomas Staeblein, Takahiro Tomino)
  • Sourcing negotiation strategies based on portfolio (Presenter: Dr. Mingu Kang) (Mingu Kang, Xiaobo Wu, Paul Hong, Youngwon Park)
  • A Survival Strategy of Medium-sized B2B Enterprises in Japanese Machinery Industry: Common Strategies in Many Quality Enterprises (Presenter: Dr. Yasuyuki Kishi) (Taichi Kishimoto, Yasuyuki Kishi, Shohei Hamamatsu)
  • Emergency Recovery Production in the Japanese Automotive Industry: Long-term Lessons from the 1997 Aisin Seiki Kariya Factory Fire and Two other Cases of Factory Fires (Presenter: Ms. Carmen Perez)(M.Carmen Perez)
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch - 2F (Kojima Hall)
12:15 - 13:30 Meeting Organizational Committee. 5F (Kojima Hall)
Block 3:
Track 7 Production and Operation Management II -Dr. Yongjiang Shi. 1F-1
  • The Significance of Shortening Lead Time from a Business Perspective (Presenter: Dr. Shino Hiiragi)(Shino Hiiragi)
  • Dynamic capabilities and emerging firm growth: Learning from Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturing companies (Presenter: Dr. Yongjiang Shi)(Xiaozheng Jin, Yongjiang Shi)
  • An Empirical Examination of Action Programs and Operational Performance: A Comparative Study of Manufacturing Firms (Presenter: Dr. Sunhee Youn)(Paul Hong, Jinhwan Kim, Sunhee youn)
  • A Study on Design Method For Mixed-Model Assembly Lines With Set Parts Supply System (Presenter: Dr. Zhuqi Xu) (Zhuqi Xu, Shusaku Hiraki, Yoshiaki Ishihara, Yuaming Su)
Track 8 Supply Chain Integration II - Dr. Jon Marvel. 1F-2
  • A Survey Of Business Network Flow Integration: Lessons And Implications For Future Research (Presenter: Dr. Jon Marvel)(Paul Hong, Sachin Modi, Jon H. Marvel)
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage across the Supply Chain with Social Media: Antecedents, Practices, and Consequences (Presenter: Dr. Yingxia Cao) (Yingxia Cao, Thuong T. Le, Paul Hong)
  • SCM Approach to the Automobile Manufacturing Systems (Presenter: Dr. Shusaku Hiraki)(Shusaku Hiraki)
  • Effective Supply Chain Strategy in the Business Context of China (Presenter: Dr. YoungWon Park)(Youngwon Park, Junjiro Shintaku, Paul Hong)
Track 9 Global SCM - Dr. Luis Solis. 2F
  • Global Knowledge transfer Network: the Case of Global Production Support System of Toyota (Presenter: Mr. Youngkyo Suh)(Youngkyo Suh)
  • Market Life-cycle and Products Strategies for Emerging Markets: Toward a New Age of Indian Automotive Market (Presenter: Dr. Zejian Li)(Zejian LI)
  • Supply Chain Networ of IT Industry in East Asia: From the viewpoint of Japan’s Core competence (Presenter: Dr. Junjiro Shintaku)(Junjiro Shintaku, Youngwon Park)
  • Building Global Competitiveness: A Case of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Korea and Spain (Presenter: Dr. Luis Solis)
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break - 2F (Kojima Hall)
Special Block 15:15-17:45 Keynote Speech (Economics Research Building, B1F)
Moderator: Dr. Junjiro Shintaku (Organizing Committee Chair: University of Tokyo)
  1. Dr. R.W. Grubbstrom (Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Production Economics; Dept. of Production Economics, Inst. of Technology, Linköping University, Sweden)
  2. Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran (Editor-in-Chief, Benchmarking: An International Journal; University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, USA)
18:00-20:00 Dinner & Reception (Economics Research Building, 1F) Opening Welcome: (Conference Chairs)
  • Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Dr. Paul Hong (University of Toledo, USA)
March 10 Kojima Hall, U of Tokyo
Block 4:
Track 10 Supply Chain Disruption Risk & Resilience - Chair: Dr. Udayan Nandkeolyar. 2F
  • Supply Chain Disruption Risk and Recovery: Temporary Diversification and Its Limits (Presenter: Dr. Daniel Heller)(Daniel E. Whitney, Jianxi Luo, Daniel A. Heller)
  • Project Manager and Risk Management: Comparative Study between Japanese and Korean Firms (Presenter: Dr. Takashi Shimizu)(Takashi Shimizu, Youngwon Park, Paul Hong, SukBong Choi)
  • Delivery Lead Time and Supply Chain Risk (Presenter: Dr. Udayan Nandkeolyar)(Udayan Nandkeolyar, Kathryn J. Chang)
  • A Literature Review on Supply Chain Disruptions and Supply Chain Restructuring (Presenter: Dr. Erika Lillian Marsillac)(James Roh, Erika Marsillac)
Track 11 Information, Communication, and Organization - Chair: Dr. Geon-Cheol Shin. 1F-2
  • Information Systems and managerial control modes: a case study analysis (Presenter: Dr. David Dobrzykowski)(Fred Ahrens, David Dobrzykowski)
  • The Interaction of Marketing, R&D and Critical Innovation Focusing on Korean and Japanese Firms (Presenter: Dr. Geon-Cheol Shin)(Geon-Cheol Shin, Young Won Park)
  • A Study on Initial Trust and Repeat Trust in Online Transactions in E-Commerce: From Perspective of ELM (Eloboration Likelyhood Model) (Presenter: Dr. Myeonggil Choi)(Myeonggil Choi, Jae-Hun Jeong, Youngwon Park)
  • The Case for ESG Supply Chain Collaboration: Theoretical Perspective (Presenter: Mr. Vincent Whitelock)(Vincent G. Whitelock)
Track 12 Research & Development II - Chair: Dr. Anja Schulze. 2F
  • The Impact of Product Design on Process and Supply Chain Decisions (Presenter: Dr. Erika Lillian Marsillac)(Erika Marsillac, James Roh)
  • Product Architecture and Platform Strategy: Case Study of Japanese Firms (Presenter: Dr. Paul Hong)(Paul Hong, Youngwon Park, Woosang Hwang)
  • A Systematic Product Development Procedure for B to B Supply Chain (Presenter: Mr. Toshihiro Ohkuma)(Toshihiro Ohkuma, Ryo Fujiura, Koichi Murata, Hokuto Uesugi, Yoshiaki Itoh, Yukihito Shimamura, Hiroshi Katayama)
  • The effect of disseminative capacity on knowledge transfer: R&D alliances in the automotive industry (Presenter: Dr. Anja Schulze)(Anja Schulze, Gundula Brojerdi, Georg von Krogh)
10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break - 2F (Kojima Hall)
Block 5:
Track 13 Logistics II - Chair: Dr. Taho Yang. 1F-1
  • Controlling the follower's profit decrease in dual channel supply chain (Presenter: Mr. Erwin Widodo)(Erwin Widodo, Katsuhiko Takahashi, Katsumi Morikawa, I Nyoman Pujawan, Budi Santosa)
  • Logistics Operation Design for Efficient Sorting-Packaging Process in Distribution Centre ~A Simulative Approach for Building Inhouse Supply Chain~(Presenter: Mr. Shota Ishikawa)(Shota Ishikawa, Tatsuya Kato, Koichi Murata, Tomo Sera, Nobuyuki Hayashi, Norio Ishiwatari, Mitsunobu Yoshino, Hiroshi Katayama)
  • Design of Assembler-Supplier Logistics Network for Car Parts Industry ~An Attempt for Sensitivity Analysis on Supply Chain Portfolio~ (Presenter: Mr. Takashi Ishikawa)(Takashi Ishikawa, Koichi Murata, Tomo Sera, Nobuyuki Hayashi, Norio Ishiwatari, Mitsunobu Yoshino, Hiroshi Katayama)
  • A Lean-pull Design to Solve Multistage Production System Variability by Using Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Method (Presenter: Dr. Taho Yang)(Taho Yang, Jiunn-Chenn Lu, Vincent Chi-Wei Li)
Track 14 Green Supply Chain Management - Chair: Dr. Vivek Nagarajan. 1F-2
  • A Vehicle Routing Design Procedure for Collect and Delivery to Transport Operations ~An Attempt for Green Lean Supply Chain System~ (Presenter: Mr. Tatsuki Nakayama)(Tatsuki Nakayama, Koichi Murata, Nobuyuki Hayashi, Tomo Sera, Norio Ishiwatari, Mitsunobu Yoshino, Hiroshi Katayama)
  • The Causal Effects of Relationships between Eco-friendly Strategy, Green Supply Chain Coordination, and Environmental Performance (Presenter: Dr. Chulmo Koo)(Chulmo Koo, Namho Chung, Sung Yul Ryoo)
  • Redesigning the Agricultural Supply Chain (Presenter: Dr. Vivek Nagarajan)(Thulasidas Sathiya Priya, Nagarajan Vivek)
Track 15 Technology and Innovation Management (2) - Chair: Dr. Gyewan Moon. 1F-1
  • Open Network Innovation in the Age of Complexity : Case for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (Presenter: Dr. Soon W. Hong)(Paul Hong, Stephen K. Callaway, Soon W. Hong)
  • Achieving Strategic Change : Problem Framing Outside the Box (Presenter: Ms. Hyelim Kim)(Gyewan Moon, Hyelim Kim, Arlyn Melcher)
  • Entrepreneurs and Decision Making Process (Presenter: Mr. YunJun Jung)(Maninderpal Singh Saini, YunJun Jung, Gyewan Moon)
  • Translating Creativity into Innovative Outcomes: The Case for Creativity-Based Innovation in Korea (Presenter: Dr. Gyewan Moon)(Paul Hong, Chunghee Chung, Gyewan Moon)
12:15 - 13:00 Lunch - 2F (Kojima Hall)
Special Block
Keynote Speech (Economics Research Building, B1F)
Moderator: Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto(Conference Chair: University of Tokyo)

Title : 『Manufacturing (Monozukuri) and Risk Management』
  1. How we recovered from the Great Earthquake in a short time
  2. History and Characteristics of Toyota Supply Chain and action towards Strengthening

(1) Mr. Keiji Masui
(Managing Officer; Deputy Chief Officer, Purchasing Group, Toyota Motor Corporation)

(2) Mr. Hiroaki Koda
(General Manager, Global Purchasing Engineering Department, Purchasing Project Management Division, Purchasing Group, Toyota Motor Corporation)

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Panel Discussion
Panel: Emerging Issues in Global Supply Chain: Perspective and Direction
Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto (Conference Chair: University of Tokyo) and
Dr. Paul Hong(Conference Chair: University of Toledo)

Japan: Dr. Hiroshi Katayama (Waseda University)
USA:Dr. Mark Vonderembse (University of Toledo)
China:Dr. Xiaobo Wu (Zhejiang University)
Korea:Dr. SeungChul Kim (Hanyang University)
Europe:Dr. Luis Solis (IE Business School)/ Dr. Yongjiang Shi (University of Cambridge)
India: Dr. Vivek Nagarajan (PSG College of Technology)
17:00-17:30 Closing and Award Ceremony

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Profiles of Moderators and Panelists

Keynote Speech (Economics Research Building, B1F)


(1) Dr. R.W. Grubbstrom (Editor-in-Chief, International Journal fo Production Economics; Dept. of Production Economics, Inst. of Technology, Linköping University, Sweden)

Robert W. Grubbström has been Professor of Production Economics at Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden, since 1972, and is now Emeritus Professor. He is Licentiate of Technology and Doctor of Economics, and has received honorary doctoral degrees from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary, and Leopold-Franzens-Universität, Innsbruck, Austria. He has Master’s degrees from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and the Stockholm School of Economics. He is currently President of the Senate and Dean of the Faculty, Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia.

Among the recognitions awarded him are Knight (First Class) of the Order of the White Rose of Finland, Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland, Award of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to the Development of the Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, (where he also is Honorary Visiting Professor) and Honorary Corporal, Kungl. Svea Trängregemente, Sweden. He is Honorary Research Fellow, Lancaster University, Honorary Professor, University of Nottingham Business School, United Kingdom, and Honorary President of the Economic Club of Linköping. He is Past President and Fellow of the International Society for Inventory Research (ISIR) and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.

He is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Production Economics (Elsevier) and is author / coauthor / editor of some 15 books and has written about 300 articles and working papers, including publications in the International Journal of Production Economics, Management Science, The Mathematical Scientist, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Cybernetics, European Journal of Operational Research, Managerial and Decision Economics, Kybernetes, Omega, Economic Systems Research, Applied Energy, Annual Reviews in Control, and International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering.

His current educational interests include modern information technology applied to interactive educational processes, such as designing the International Logistics Management Game (ILMG), used by several European universities and for vocational training. His scientific interests are focused on the development of a general theory for multi-level, multi-stage production-inventory systems applying Laplace transforms and input-output analysis (MRP Theory), and on the integration of economics and thermodynamics.

(2) Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran (Editor-in-Chief, Benchmarking: An International Journal; University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, USA)

Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran is a Professor and the Director of Business Innovation Research Center (BIRC) at the Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Dr. Gunasekaran has held academic positions in UK, Australia, Finland, India and Canada. He has over 200 articles published in peer-reviewed journals. He has presented about 50 papers and published 50 articles in conferences and given a number of invited more talks in many countries. He is on the Editorial Board of several journals. He has organized several international workshops and conferences in the emerging areas of operations management and information systems. He is currently interested in researching logistics and supply chain management.

Title of the talk:
The Future of Operations Management: An Analysis and Outlook

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Dr. Junjiro Shintaku (Organizing Committee Chair: University of Tokyo)

Title and Affiliation:
Associate Professor, Research Director, Manufacturing Management Research Center, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo.

1982 B. A. Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo.
1986 M. A. Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo.
1993 Ph. D Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo.

Research Interests:
Technological innovation and corporate strategies.
Strategies for emerging market
Production networks in Asia
International Standardization and Business Models

Recent Publications:
Global Business Strategy, Hakuto-shobo, 2011 (with Toshiya Watanabe, et. al).
Business Model Innovation, Hakuto-shobo, 2011 (with Toshiya Watanabe, et. al).
Management Text: Introduction to Corporate Strategies, Nihon Keizai Shimbun-sha,2011 (with Hisanaga Amikura).
Global strategy of Manufacturing Management: Industrial Geography in Asia, Yuhikaku,2009 (with Tomofumi, Amano).
Architecture-Based Analysis of Chinese Manufacturing Industries, Toyo Keizai Shimpo-sha,2005 (with Takahiro Fujimoto).

・Shintaku, J., and T. Amano (2012) How Some Japanese Firms Have Succeeded Against Low-Cost Competitors in Emerging Markets. In Anil K. Gupta, Toshiro Wakayama, and U. Srinivasa Rangan ed. Global Strategies for Emerging Asia, Jossey-Bass/Wiley (to be published).
・Wakayama, T., J. Shintaku,, T. Amano., and T. Kikuchi (2012) Co-Evolving Local Adaptation and Global Integration: The Case of Panasonic China. In Anil K. Gupta, Toshiro Wakayama, and U. Srinivasa Rangan ed. Global Strategies for Emerging Asia, Jossey-Bass/Wiley (to be published).
・Shintaku, J., and Y. Park (2012) Japan’s position in East Asia’s IT industrial networks, SERI Quarterly. 5(1).
・Shintaku, J., and H. Tatsumoto. (2010) New Business Model:? Empowering emerging market, ISO Focus+, June, 1(6), 28-30.
・Shintaku, J. (2010). Changing production networks in Asia, Japan Spotlight, 172, July-August, 16-17.
・Shintaku, J., and K. Kuwada, (2008) Reorganizing Mature Industry through Technological Innovation: De-Maturity in Watchmaking Industry. In Takuji HARA, Norio Kambayashi and Noboru Matsushima ed. Industrial Innovation in Japan, Routledge.
・Shintaku, J., K. Ogawa., and T. Yoshimoto(2006) Architecture-based Approaches to International Standardization and Evolution of Business Models, International Standardization as a Strategic Tool: Commended Papers from the IEC Century Challenge 2006, IEC. (MMRC discussion paper 96)
・Shintaku, J., K. Ogawa., and T. Yoshimoto (2005) Architecture-based Advantage of Firms and Nations: New Global Alliance between Japan and Catch-up Countries. Annals of Business Administrative Science, 4(3), 21-38.
・Shintaku, J. (2005) Sustainability of Competitive Advantage: Accumulated Experience and Discontinuous Technological Change, Annals of Business Administrative Science, 4(1), 1-8.

・Executive Director, the Academic Association for Organizational Science.
・Executive Director, the Japan Academy of International Business Studies.
・Executive Director, the Global business Research Center.

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Keynote Speech (Economics Research Building, B1F)
Title : 『Manufacturing (Monozukuri) and Risk Management』


(1) Keiji Masui (Managing Officer; Deputy Chief Officer, Purchasing Group, Toyota Motor Corporation)

Managing Officer
Toyota Motor Corporation

Date of birth: August 15, 1954
Home country: Japan
Education: Bachelor’s degree in international law, Kyoto University, 1977

Apr. 1977 Joined Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)
Jan. 1999 Vice president, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Europe NV/SA (now Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA)
Jan. 2005 General manager, Production Control Div., TMC
Jun. 2007 Managing officer

(2) Hiroaki Koda (General Manager, Global Purchasing Engineering Department, Purchasing Project Management Division, Purchasing Group, Toyota Motor Corporation)

Date of birth: September 23, 1965
Education: Bachelor’s degree in international law, Tokyo University

1989 Joined Toyota Motor Corporation Assigned to Purchasing Div. No.1 (Current Body Parts Purchasing Division)
1998 Stationed in the UK for 4 years
(TMUK, current TME Purchasing)
2005 Worked as a secretary to Toyoda Akio, Executive Vice President
2006 Operations Management Consulting Division
(Instructed TPS in and out of the company)
2010 General Manager, Parts Engineering Dept. Purchasing Planning Div.
*From October, General leader of company-wide RRCI “Monozukuri Innovation activities”
2011 General Manager, Global Purchasing Engineering Dept. Purchasing Project Management Div. (Present post)
*JAMA Joint Support Team Leader, The Great Tohoku Earthquake, Renesas Naka Plant
*JAMA Joint Support Team Leader, Thai ROHM Support Team, Thai great flood

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Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto(Conference Chair: University of Tokyo)

Executive Director, Manufacturing Management Research Center / Professor, Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo
Research Interests: technology and operations management
Recent Publications: Nihon no Monodukuri Tetugaku, Nihon Keizai Shinbunsya, 2004 (in Japanese); Architecture-based Analysis of Chinese Manufacturing Industries, TOYO KEIZAI INC., May.2005. (SHINTAKU, Junjiro, FUJIMOTO, Takahiro) (in Japanese) ;“Competing to be really, really good” Takahiro Fujimoto, translated by Brian Miller (LTCB International Library selection ; no. 22), 2007; “Architecture-Based Comparative Advantage-A Design Information View of Manufacturing”, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Vol.4, No.1, pp.55-112 (2007).

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Panel: Emerging Issues in Global Supply Chain: Perspective and Direction

Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto(Conference Chair: University of Tokyo) and
Dr. Paul Hong (Conference Chair: University of Toledo)

Paul Hong is Professor of Operations Management at the University of Toledo, USA. He is a graduate of Yonsei University, Korea with a BA in Economics. He also has an MBA and a MA from Bowling Green State University, and a Ph.D. in Manufacturing Management and Engineering from the University of Toledo, USA. He has presented and published more than 150 articles in conferences and journals including Journal of Operational Management, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Technology Management, International Journal of Information Management, Management Decision, Journal of Cleaner Production, Benchmarking: An International Journal, Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal and European Journal of Innovation Management. His recent book (co-authored with Prof. Youngwon Park), “Building Network Capabilities in Turbulent Competitive Environments: Practices of Global Firms from Korea and Japan” is released (CRC Press, 2012). He is International Network Coordinator/Conference Chair of annual International Supply Chain Management Symposium and Workshop and USA Coordinator for International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS). His research interests are in innovation strategy and global supply chain management.


Japan: Dr. Hiroshi Katayama (Waseda University)

Title and Affiliation: Professor, Waseda University Dr. Hiroshi Katayama is on the academic staff of the Faculty of Science & Engineering, Waseda University in Tokyo. He is the third generation professor of the
Operations & Production Management Laboratory (OPM Lab.) of Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering (IMSE), which has the oldest history in this area in Japan. He was the former Senior Associate Dean here for the past four years. He was visiting at the Institute for Manufacturing and Churchill College of University of Cambridge, Technology and Operation Management Unit of Harvard Business School etc. for his sabbatical leave and, in 2009, he became the Chairperson of International Federation for Logistics and SCM Systems (IFLS).

March, 1970 Bachelor Course Graduation, Department of IMSE, Waseda University
March, 1972 Master Course Graduation, Department of IMSE, Waseda University
March, 1975 Doctor Course Graduation, Department of IMSE, Waseda University

Research Interests:
His academic majors in Operations & Production Management include manufacturing strategy, global manufacturing & logistics, supply chain portfolio, reverse logistics, KPI/KAI measurement, bottleneck management, Kaizen/Lean technology, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance and Management), line production systems, innovation processes, skill management, application of genetic algorithms to optimisation problem solving. Especially, his current interests are in the reinforcement of continuous improvement schemes and its global transfer for empowerment of industries worldwide, which aim to refine green lean management in the domain of international manufacturing and supply chain.

Recent Publications:
“A study of the performance evaluation of the visual management case-base: development of an integrated model by quantification theory category III and AHP”, International Journal of Production Research (Forthcoming), DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2011.638944, 2012, ISSN: 1366-588X (electronic) “Offshoring Process: A Comparative Investigation of Danish and Japanese Manufacturing Companies”, Managing Global Supply Chain Relationships: Operations, Strategies and Practices, pp. 220-243, IG Global, 2011, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-862-9.ch010, ISBN13: 9781616928629.
“The Sense of Lean Management and Contribution to Customer Satisfaction”, Industrial Engineeri ng Magazine, Vol. 17, No. 1 (47th Issue), pp. 22-27, March, 2010, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Korea.
“A Study on Construction of Kaizen Case-base and Its Utilisation: A Case of Visual Management in Fabrication and Assembly Shop-floors”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 48, No. 24, pp. 7265-7287, 2010, ISSN: 1366-588X (electronic) 0020-7543 (paper).
“Integrated Procedure of Balancing and Sequencing for Mixed-model Assembly Lines: A Multi-objective Evolutionary Approach”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 48, No. 21, pp. 6417-6441, 2010, ISSN: 1366-588X (electronic) 0020-7543 (paper).
“Development of Kaizen case-base for effective technology transfer - A case of Visual Management technology”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 48, No. 16, pp. 4901-4917, 2010, ISSN: 1366-588X (electronic) 0020-7543 (paper).
“Uniform Workload Assignments for Assembly Line by GA-based Amelioration Approach”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 48, No. 7, pp. 1857-1871, 2010, ISSN: 1366-588X (electronic) 0020-7543 (paper).
Management of Technology: The Key for Success Eighty-Two Critical Elements (in Japanese), JIPM Solution, 2009.
“A Multi-decision Genetic Approach for Workload Balancing with Mixed-Model U-shaped Assembly Line Systems”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 47, No. 14, pp. 3797-3822, 2009.
Understanding Lean: Principle, Practice and Implementation ?For mapping its concept, elements and way of transmission-, [Proceedings of The Workshop on Lean Management], Eds. Katayama, H. and Gregory, M. J., Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK, 12th, September, 2008.
“U-shaped Assembly Line Balancing Problem with Genetic Algorithm”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 46, No. 16, pp. 4637-4649, January, 2008, ISSN: 1366-588X (electronic) 0020-7543 (paper).

USA:Dr. Mark Vonderembse (University of Toledo)

Mark A. Vonderembse is a Professor of Information Operations and Technology Management, and Interim Chair of the John B. and Lillian E. Neff Department of Finance at The University of Toledo (UT). He earned a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from The University of Toledo in 1971 and an MBA from The University of Pennsylvania in 1973. He earned a Ph.D. from The University of Michigan in 1979. He has held many administrative positions including founding Director of UT’s Intermodal Transportation Institute. He has been PI on more than four million dollars in research grants and contracts. He has published in academic and professional journals including Management Science, Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, International Journal of Production Research, and Industrial Engineering Transactions. His research interests are manufacturing strategy, supply chain management and healthcare delivery.

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China:Dr. Xiaobo Wu (Zhejiang University)

PhD, Qiushi Chair Professor, Executive Dean, School of Management, Zhejiang University

Professor Xiaobo WU is Qiushi Chair Professor of Strategy and Innovation Management, Executive Dean of School of Management, and Director of National Institute for Innovation Management, at Zhejiang University. He is also the director of the Zhejiang University?Cambridge University Joint Research Center for Global Manufacturing and Innovation Management.

He got his BA of EE in 1982, MSc of Mgt in 1989, and PhD of Mgt in 1992, from Zhejiang University. He’d his post-doctorial program at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, 1996, and as a visiting scholar, at Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University, UK, 1996-1997, as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA, 2000 -2001. From 1982 to 1986, he used to work for government agencies and industrial organizations as an assistant engineer. His research interests include Managing Technological innovation, Global manufacturing and competitive strategy. He led more than ten national agents sponsored and internationally joint sponsored research projects. He has published more than one hundred academic papers and seven books in the related research areas.

He is the member of China Scholarship Council under the State Council, and the member of the Steering Committee for Management Science and Engineering Management, Ministry of Education, China, and the found member of Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University, UK.

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Korea:Dr. SeungChul Kim (Hanyang University)

Title and Affiliation:
Professor, Hanyang University, Korea

Ph.D., University of Oregon, USA
MBA, University of Hawaii, US
A BA, Seoul National University, Korea
Research Interests:
Operations strategy, Supply chain management, Service and Healthcare management, Project management practices,

Recent Publications:

Hong, P. and Kim, S. C., "Business network excellence for competitive advantage: case of Korean firms, International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. x, No. x, (forthcoming).

Kim, S. C., Hong, J. B., and Hwang, S. Y., 2011, "Analyzing the Impacts of Supply Chain Partnership on the Firm Performance", Journal of the Korean Society of Supply Chain Managemet, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp.157-170.

Kim, S. C., 2011, "Adopting Systematic Project Management Method for Productivity Improvement: Comparison of Project Managment Maturity Levels Between SMEs and Large Firms", The Korean Small Business Review, Vol. 33, No. 2, pp.1-17.

Kim, S. C., Choi, S. H., Kim, D. C., and Kim, H. B., 2011, "Analyzing Play Times for Better Golf Course Management", Journal of Tourism & Leisure Research, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp.447-466.

Academic society participation
Korean Society of Supply Chain Management (KSCM)
Korean Society of Project Management (KSPM)
Korea Operations Management Society (KOPMS)
Project Management Institute (PMI), USA

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Europe:Dr. Luis Solis (IE Business School)

Associate Dean and Professor of Operations Management

It comes as no surprise that Luis Solis has gained a number of teaching awards and is welcomed as a visiting professor at universities in countries such as Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Belgium, France, China, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain and the US. For when he teaches his courses in strategic operations management, lean & response service operations, supply chain management, project management and quality management, Prof Solis is drawing upon a vast pool of knowledge and experience gained by working with work a wide range of companies in USA, Europe and Latin America. “So I’m not working only on theoretical research and models but I’m also working with top industry executives in the real world,” he says.

He also leads and participates in research initiatives such as Success Factors in Strategic Alliances in Supply Chains in European Industry, An Empirical Study of Techno-Stress and its Impact on Business Performance and Knowledge Management and New Product Development in the Supply Chain. He has published his work in journals such as Total Quality Management, the International Journal of Technology Management, and the Service Management Journal among others.

But while his research is impressive in itself, it also informs his teaching. “I always use my research findings in my class,” he says and explains that he uses selected cases, exercises, simulations, and videos to create an environment where students have to think about the implications of the concepts they are studying.

Prof Solis also invites industry executives as guest speakers to present real situations to which tools covered in the course can be applied. “So I’m helping students think holistically. And I always challenge their thinking to find new way to approach complex and difficult business issues.”

Academic Background
PhD in Manufacturing Management and Engineering, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA
MBA, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, ITESM, Mexico
MSc in Industrial Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, ITESM, Mexico
CPCL, Harvard Business School, USA
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, ITESM, Mexico

Academic Experience
Associate Dean, IE Business School
Professor of the Operations Department, IE Business School, Chair, Operations and Technology Management Department, IE Business School, Director, Master Programme in Operations Management, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, President of the Assessment Board for the Centre for Research and Technology of the Footwear and Leather Industry and part of the National Council for Research and Technology, Mexico,
Board Member and European Representative for the Business Association of Latin American Studies, Board Member of the Instituto Universitario de Investigación de Empresa,
Research Fellow of the Information Management Research Centre, IE Business School

International Visiting Professor at EGADE, Mexico; INCAE, Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua; Universidad de Leon, Spain; Universidad de La Laguna Spain; Bordeaux Business School, France; ICESI, EAFIT, CESA, Colombia; Fudan Business School, China, Lithuania, BMI.
Research Assistant, Manufacturing Management Institute, University of Toledo USA, 1994 to 1997
Instructor, Information Systems and Operations Management Department, College of Business Administration, University of Toledo, USA
Research Assistant, Information Systems and Operations Management Department, College of Business Administration, University of Toledo, USA, 1992 to 1994
Chair, Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico, 1988 to 1991
Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico, 1986 to 1987
Associate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico, 1983 to 1985
Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, Monterrey Institute of Technology, 1981 to 1983

Corporate Customers
PEMEX, Deutche Telekom, Ford, General Electric, John Deere, Telefonica Data, Pfizer, Phillip Morris, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Accenture, SAP, Sonaecom, Iberdrola, Roche, ONA Group, Skandia, Heineken, AutoGrill, Idea Group, ING, Bankinter, SCH, INDRA, HSBC, UNION FENOSA, Almirall, and Mercedes Benz.

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Dr. Yongjiang Shi (University of Cambridge)

Dr Yongjiang Shi is the University Lecture of Industrial Systems in Engineering Department, and research director of the Centre for International Manufacturing in the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University. He has been studying management of international manufacturing network and supply chain for over fifteen years. His recent research interests have covered global manufacturing strategy, network system design, technology transfer in the contexts of intra-company coordination and inter-company collaboration, and emerging Chinese manufacturing companies including the Shangzhai Phenomenon, indigenous innovation, industrial upgrading, and Chinese outward FDI. He is working on several research projects ? Global manufacturing virtual network (GMVN) to develop new manufacturing architecture for collaborative manufacturing network between companies; and Post Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) Integration to help company achieve synergy; emerging nations’ multinational corporations development; and different countries’ culture characteristics and their impacts on global supply network development.

India: Dr. Vivek Nagarajan (PSG College of Technology)

Designation : Asst. Professor (Selection Grade)
Qualification : BE, MBA, Ph.D
Research Interests : Supply Chain Management

Mr. N. Vivek, Associate Professor at PSG College of Technology. He has a teaching experience of 15 years and industry experience of 2 years. He has completed his Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management. He has specialized in Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Business Statistics, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management.. His current research areas are supply chain maturity, simulation of supply chains and cost management in supply chains. His other interests include Stock Market Investment and Valuations, Online Education, Value Based Management, Quality Control, Indian Ethos Development, Sustainable Rural Development, Student Counseling and Permaculture. Blog:

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