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Fumihiko Ikuine
Nobuyuki Inamizu
Hidenori Sato
Looking for a blue bird: Founding and business building process of a Japanese venture firm
Takahiro Fujimoto
A Research Note on Global Supply Chains in the After-COVID-19 Era
Masayasu Nagashima
Junjiro Shintaku
Takahiro Tomino
Linking assignment strategy with technology transfer between parents and subsidiaries of multinational corporations: A case of digital still camera in China
Masayasu Nagashima
Junjiro Shintaku
Takahiro Tomino
Factory based new business development - Diversification strategies through organizational capability of manufacturing -
Masayasu Nagashima
Junjiro Shintaku
Takahiro Tomino
Triad perspective of global supply chain integration among R&D, production, and marketing activities
Masayasu Nagashima
Junjiro Shintaku
Takahiro Tomino
Triad perspective of global supply chain integration
Takahiro Fujimoto
Conclusion and Practical Implications
Takahiro Fujimoto
Mihail Marinov
Yumi Kato
Shumpei Iwao
Strengthening Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at Toyota: A Lecture by Hiroaki Koda
Takahiro Fujimoto
Yumi Kato
Shumpei Iwao
The Evolution of Disaster-Response Capabilities: The Case of Toyota
Yuichiro Mukai
Young Won Park
Building New Factories for Higher Resilience: The Case of EPSON ATMIX
Takahiro Fujimoto
Key Concepts for Improving Supply Chain Robustness
Young Won Park
Paul Hong
Takahiro Fujimoto
Literature Survey Field-Based studies of Supply Chains Robustness
Takahiro Fujimoto
Balancing Competitiveness and Robustness
Seungkee MIN
The Interaction Effect of Customer-Product
Diversification on Firm Performance
Chaisung Lim
Takahiro Fujimoto
Frugal Innovation and Design Changes Expanding the Cost-Performance Frontier:
-A Schumpeterian Approach-
Getulio Kazue Akabane Logistics Innovation in the Industry 4.0 Environment:
A Typological Approach
Hee Kyung Na
Young Won Park
Architecture of Interfirm Collaboration and Global:
Competitive Advantage Findings from the Mobile Handset Industry
Youngkyo Suh Global Knowledge Transfer of East Asian Auto Industry:
Comparative Study of Toyota and Hyundai
Taiga Saito
Akihiko Takahashi
Hiroshi Tsuda
Optimal Room Charge and Expected Sales under Discrete Choice Models with Limited Capacity
Revised June 2016
Sungwoo Byun Technology Implementation and Learning Strategy:
Case Study on Ramp-up Process of Hyundai Steel’s Blast Furnaces
Sungwoo Byun
Youngwon Park
Geoncheol Shin
What Determines the Range of Supply Chain Integration?:
Comparison of Korean and Japanese Steel Firms
Makoto Abe Deriving Customer Lifetime Value from RFM Measures:
Insights into Customer Retention and Acquisition
Jing-Ming Shiu
Masanori Yasumoto
Investigating Firms’ Knowledge Management in The Standardization:
The Analysis of Technology Specification-Declared Essential Patent Networks on Telecommunication Industry
Atsushi Akiike
Sotaro Katsumata
The Multidimensionality of Design Newness:
An Empirical Survey of Product Appearance and Preference
Mizuki Kobayashi
Takahiro Tomino
Junjiro Shintaku
Youngwon Park
Demand Fluctuation and Supply Chain Integration:
Case Studies of Japanese Firms
Mizuki Kobayashi
Junjiro Shintaku
Daiki Kato
Flexible Supply Capability Driving Total Inventory Reduction:
An Analysis of Omron Healthcare
Young Won Park
Ryosuke Sugie
Demand and Supply Chain Integration Strategy for Emerging Market
Ryosuke Sugie
Young Won Park
Supply Chain of the Transportation Industry and Network Building Strategy
Daniel E. Whitney
Jianxi Luo
Daniel A. Heller
Supply Chain Disruption Risk and Recovery:
Temporary Diversification and Its Limits
Sungwoo Byun
Changmin Lee
Virtual or Vertical? Achieving Integrated Global Supply Chains:
Comparison and Analysis of Virtual Integration and Vertical Integration in Japanese and Korean Steel Industry

*Published in International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, Vol.15, No.2, pp. 169-184, 2015. DOI: 10.1504/IJPQM.2015.067761
Byun, Sungwoo, and Lee, Changmin “Virtual or vertical? Achieving integrated global supply chains: comparison and analysis of virtual integration and vertical integration in Japanese and Korean steel industry"*
Mihail Marinov
Daniel Arturo Heller
Manufacturing Engineering in Europe and Japan:
A Preliminary Comparative Case Study of Two Automotive Component Suppliers
Yokoi Katsunori
Yoshimoto Tetsuo
Progress of “Genba” Capability and IT/FA Platform:
A Case of the Small and Medium Enterprise
Robert E. Cole Killing Innovation Softly: Japanese Software Challenges
Revised June 2013
Taichi Kishimoto
Shohei Hamamatsu
Yasuyuki Kishi
A survival strategy of medium-sized B2B enterprises in Japanese machinery industry: Common strategies found in many quality enterprises
Sotaro Katsumata
Makoto Abe
A brand choice model for scanner panel data using the experiential set
Sotaro Katsumata
Makoto Abe
A brand purchase model of consumer goods incorporating the information search and learning process
Masato Itohisa
Masanori Yasumoto
The relevance of firms' knowledge amount to their strategic positioning to a consensus standard:
The case of AUTOSAR in the global automobile industries
Atsushi Akiike The effects of industrial design of products on premium price and customer satisfaction with maturing of products
Kodo Yokozawa
Harm-Jan Steenhuis
The Influence of National Level Factors on International Kaizen Transfer:
An Exploratory Study in the Netherlands
Hidetada Higashi
Daniel Arturo Heller
Thirty Years of Benchmarking Product Development Performance:
A Research Note
Shino Hiiragi The significance of shortening lead time from a business perspective
Youngkyo Suh Global knowledge transfer network:
The case of global production support system of Toyota
Heejin Kim Customer heterogeneity and overseas product development
Zejian Li Market life-cycle and products strategies for emerging markets:
Toward a new age of Indian automotive market
Koichi Nakagawa
Won-Wook Song
Customized component transaction with insufficient trust: Case study of the LCD-panel industry
YoungWon Park
Junjiro Shintaku
Paul Hong
Effective supply chain configurations in the business context of China
Katsuki Aoki
Thomas Staeblein
Takahiro Tomino
Monozukuri capability to address product variety:
A comparison between Japanese and German automotive makers
*Published in International Journal of Production Economics, 147, pp. 373-384, 2014.
Aoki, K., Staeblein, T. and Tomino, T. “Monozukuri capability to address product variety: A comparison between Japanese and German automotive makers”*
Junjiro Shintaku
Youngwon Park
Supply chain network of IT industry in East Asia:
From the viewpoint of Japan’s core competence
Takahiro Fujimoto Supply Chain Competitiveness and Robustness:
A Lesson from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Supply Chain “Virtual Dualization”
Takahiro Fujimoto
Youngwon Park
Complexity and Control:
Comparative Study of Automobiles and Electronic Products
Masato Itohisa Fanuc’s competitive advantage and the revolt of machine tool builders:
A look at Fanuc’s user and its user’s customer relationships from a historical perspective (1950s-1980s)
Takahiro Fujimoto Complexity explosion and capability building in the world auto industry:
An application of design-based comparative advantage
Hirofumi Tatsumoto
Koichi Ogawa
Junjiro Shintaku
Standardization, International Division of Labor and Platform Business
Social network analysis of word of mouth on the internet
Youngwon Park
Junjiro Shintaku
Tomofumi Amano
Korean Firm's Competitive Advantage:
Localization Strategy of LG Electronics

Youngwon Park
Organizational Capability in use of IT and Supply Chain Management

Chaisung Lim
Seokhee Han
Hiroshi Ito
Low-Cost Disruptive Innovation by an Indian
Automobile Manufacturer

Junjiro Shintaku
Tomofumi Amano
Emerging Market Strategies
- Changes in Market and Resource Strategies -
2009-MMRC-269 Zejian Li
The Role of International Technology Transfer in the Chinese Automotive Industry
2009-MMRC-268 Jianxi Luo
Heejin Kim
Tendency toward Specificity in Transactions and Compliance to Hierarchy: A Report on the Interviews with Japanese Automotive Suppliers in March, 2009
2009-MMRC-265 Nobuyuki Inamizu
Garbage Can Paradox
A disorderly decision-making process in orderly organization structures
2009-MMRC-264 Nobuyuki Inamizu
Inside the garbage-can:An orderly decision-making process in disorderly organization structures
2009-MMRC-259 Sotaro Katsumata
Masato Itohisa
One-to-one demand forecasting model and its application for inventory management
2009-MMRC-257 Koji Nakano
Nobuo Takahashi
Licensing Strategy of Japanese Firms
2009-MMRC-252 Junichi Tomita
A comparative analysis between LCD panel and flat glass in the TFT-LCD industry from process architecture-based view
2009-MMRC-248 Youngwon Park
Junjiro Shintaku
Junichi Tomita
Paul Hong
Gyewan Moon
Modularity of Flat Panel Display TV and Operation Management Practices: A Case Study of LG Electronics

2008-MMRC-244 Naoko Kishi
Nobuo Takahashi
Licensing and inventions for patent strategy
2008-MMRC-230 Nobuyuki Inamizu
Takahisa Wakabayashi
Business practices of purchasers in Japanese industrial districts: An integrated model for economies of agglomeration
2008-MMRC-225 Masanori Yasumoto
Jing Ming Shiu

Why Is Interfirm Collaboration Called for in Novel Technology Platform Adoption?
Cases from the the Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese Mobile Phone Industries

2008-MMRC-219 Yasunori Watanabe Monotone Comparative Statics Result on Contract Incompleteness
2008-MMRC-202 Daniel E. Whitney Design and Manufacturing of Car Doors: Report on Visits Made to US, European and Japanese Car Manufacturers in 2007
2007-MMRC-169 Daniel E. Whitney
Daniel A. Heller
Hidetada Higashi
Mitsuhiro Fukuzawa
Production Engineering as System Integrator?
A Research Note based on a Study of Door Engineering and Assembly at Toyota Motor Corporation
2007-MMRC-140 Kenshi Miyazoe Knowledge Introduction from Abroad into Management of Department Stores: Centering on Activities during the Period of Postwar Recovery in the 1950s and the 1960s
2007-MMRC-116 Yoshinori Konno Enhancement of the advanced R&D cooperation between automakers and suppliers in the Japanese automobile industry
2007-MMRC-113 Nobuyuki Inamizu Recovering the garbage can Orderly/disorderly paradox
2007-MMRC-112 Nobuyuki Inamizu A combined model of segregation and cultural dissemination models: Searching for conditions of successful nonterritorial offices
2007-MMRC-109 Seung-Hwan Ku, Ryoichi Kubo The Effects of Information Technology and Organizational Change in Medical Organization The Case of EMR Introduction in Rakuwakai
2006-MMRC-106 Masanori Yasumoto Reconsidering Novel Technology Introduction Strategies: Impacts of Technology, Design, and Market Attriutes on 118 Japanese Procuct Development Projects
2006-MMRC-104 Koichi Shimokawa, Shinya Orihashi, Daniel Heller, Hidetada Higashi Interview with two vice-presidents of Renault at their head office
2006-MMRC-103 Ryusuke Kosuge Internal dynamics of customer-oriented service organizations Implications from a cognitive perspective
2006-MMRC-102 Kenshi Miyazoe Knowledge Transfer in Management of Department Stores: Centering on Transfer of "Buyers Manual" and "MD Notes"
2006-MMRC-101 Ayako Takai The competition and the formation of inter-firm differentiation following the dominant perception: A case study of the online securities industry
2006-MMRC-99 Tomofumi Amano Competitive Strategy of Global Firms and Industrial Clusters - Case Study on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Industry -
2006-MMRC-98 Koichi Nakagawa How do firms compete in architectural changes?: Lessons from optical storage media industry
2006-MMRC-96 Junjiro Shintaku, Koichi Ogawa, Tetsuo Yoshimoto Architecture-based Approaches to International Standardization and Evolution of Business Models
2006-MMRC-94 Takahiro Fujimoto Architecture-based Comparative Advantage in Japan and Asia
2006-MMRC-80 Masanori Yasumoto Customer Interface Process and the Locus of Interfirm Overlapping : The Case of Japanese Handset Manufacturers in US
2006-MMRC-79 Yufu Kuwashima The word-of-mouth effect on the web : A case of the network of massage board in site A
2006-MMRC-76 Makoto Abe "Counting Your Customers" One by One: An Individual Level RF Analysis Based on Consumer Behavior Theory
2006-MMRC-73 Fujimoto Takahiro, Ge Dongsheng and Oh Jewheon Competition and Co-operation in Automotive Steel Sheet Production in East Asia
2006-MMRC-71 Takahiro Fujimoto, Takashi Oshika Empirical Analysis of the Hypothesis of Architecture-based Competitive Advantage and International Trade Theory
2006-MMRC-69 Fukunari Kimura, Kozo Kiyota Exports, FDI, and Productivity: Dynamic Evidence from Japanese Firms
2005-MMRC-65 Hwy-Chang Moon Competition and Cooperation between Korea and Japan: A Business Perspective
2005-MMRC-52 Daniel Arturo Heller, Takahiro Fujimoto, Glenn Mercer The Long-Term Value of M&A Activity to Enhance Organizational Learning: Findings from the Automobile Industry
2005-MMRC-51 Yuki Yasuda Social Organization and Performance Inequality in Japanese and American Markets
2005-MMRC-48 Koichi Ogawa, Junjiro Shintaku, Tetsuo Yoshimoto Architecture-based Advantage of Firms and Nations:New Global Alliance between Japan and Catch-up Countries
2005-MMRC-44 Kozo Kiyota
Reconsidering the Effects of Intranational and International R&D Spillovers: Firm-level Evidence from Japan
2005-MMRC-43 Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Takanobu Nakajima, Kozo Kiyota Innovation Versus Diffusion: Determinants of Productivity Growth Among Japanese Firms
2005-MMRC-39 Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Takanobu Nakajima, Kozo Kiyota Productivity Convergence at the Firm Level
2005-MMRC-27 Masanori Yasumoto, Takahiro Fujimoto The Determinants of Alternative Strategies for Novel Technology Introduction:Findings from 188 Japanese Product Development Projects
2004-MMRC-20 Ge Dongsheng and Fujimoto Takahiro The Architectural Attributes of Auto Parts and Their Transaction Patterns in Japan's Automobile Industry
2004-MMRC-19 Makoto Kasuya Continuity and Change in the Employment and Promotion of Japanese White-Collar Employees The Case of the House of Mitsui
2004-MMRC-17 Takahiro Fujimoto, Jewheon Oh Electonic technology andPartd Procurement: A Case of the Automobile Industry
2004-MMRC-15 Yasuo Sugiyama, Daniel Arturo Heller Exploration through Exploitation in the Internationalization of Product Development Teams: The Case of Japanese Automakers in the Mid-1990s
2004-MMRC-13 Masataka Morita , Kiyohiko G.Nishimura Consumer Attitudes and Automotive Transactions
2004-MMRC-12 Ayako Takai Success factors and their formation processes in early stage competition in the Japanese online securities industry
2004-MMRC-11 Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Futoshi Kurokawa Total Factor Productivity in Japanese Information Service Industries: Firm-Level Analysis
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